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Hoppy Easter LoL :)

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The day has come. It is Easter and he has risen! Are you ready in case he calls you home?

I promise I won't preach to you all the time, Just a handful of times per year. Easter is one of those times.

Being that we've passed Good Friday, which is not a "good" day at all in my opinion, but what do I know? Anyway, Jesus died for our sins and here we are, on Resurrection Day. Glory Hallelujah!

He said that he would come back. He has gone to prepare a place for us. Will I see you in Heaven? Will you see your loved ones again?

I'm personally looking forward to seeing several of my loved ones again. I miss so many every day. I fear that as we get older that just gets worse. Hazard of the job, getting older. I love that they are watching over me and other friends and family. Do you ever feel their presence?

Something most Christians won't talk about is spirits and ghosts. I'm obviously not one of those Christians. I believe our loved ones come to earth in our time of need, like Guardian Angels, and leave little tokens of sorts for us to remember them by. For us to know that we are not alone. When my grandmother died in 1988, I found pennies everywhere. A penny on my dresser, a penny on my bed, a penny beside the car. I was only 6 and had no money, so it wasn't my money lying around everywhere. I believe that was her way of saying "you are not alone, I am here with you". Which is a song... now that I say it in my head, When my father died in 2020 we found screws everywhere for months. He liked to work with his hands. I never found screws everywhere before. We probably picked up 20 screws just in the bedroom over the 3-4 months following his death. That's not including the screws in the living room, den, hallway, bathroom... you get the point. Our loved ones are in Heaven, watching out for us. Will we get to go too? Will we see them again? Will we make the mistake of ignoring the Lord and his promises? Will we choose Hell fire instead of Eternal Salvation?

I just wanted to take today to say, I hope you are saved. I hope you know where you are going when you die. I hope your loved ones go there too. My hope for you is a huge family reunion in the sky. Looks like it's time to actually do work and get ready for Easter lunch. I hope you all have a blessed day.

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