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4 Day Las Vegas Itinerary When You Wanna Skip The Clubs

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Feel like your clubbing days are past you? Just don't like dancing? Introvert and think Vegas is going to be more than enough extroverting itself? Want to get the most bang for your buck? Here's the itinerary for you!!

Day 1:

Catch an Uber to your hotel: Uber, Lyft, bus if you don't mind waiting a while, or Taxis are all good choices to get you to your hotel. Taxis now charge a flat fee to take you from the airport to your hotel, so you won't have to worry about "price gouging" (taking the long way to run up the fare).

Check into your hotel: Check into your hotel and get them to store your bags until your room is available.

Grab an Uber to the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign: It's time to get the ultimate Vegas pic with the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign! See if your Uber will stick around and take you to Mandalay Bay after you get your pic. Make sure you go early in the morning as it gets really busy & the parking lot is tiny. Be careful and watch out for cars because there's no pedestrian crossing!

Day 1 is West of the Strip Day! Working your way from South to North!

Mandalay Bay:

  • Shop at Mandalay Place

  • Join the players club before you drop a few bucks in a slot machine. Mandalay Bay is an MGM hotel & casino so you'll be visiting several of these on your trip and the potential of earning freebies gets better the more gambling you're doing WITH that players card in the machine. Don't forget to take it with you when you go to your next stop!

  • Consider the offered 3 attractions for $57 which includes the Shark Reef

  • Consider stopping by Aureole for a cocktail

  • Consider stopping by Sky Fall Lounge to check out the amazing views or grab another cocktail

  • If you get hungry, check out one of the following: Kumi (has sushi), Slice of Vegas, Hussong's Cantina, Burger Bar (cheap)


  • The corridor from Mandalay Bay leading towards Luxor has cheap food if you're ready to keep it moving and don't want to break the bank.

  • If you're ready for a buffet, check out MORE The Buffet which isn't high on my list of amazing buffets, but it's pretty good AND a decent price.

  • Check out the pyramid with the world's largest indoor atrium! You'll want to get a view of the famous Sky Beam at night as well!

  • Luxor is another MGM property, so put that players card in the slot before you drop a few bucks and gamble. I like to gamble a little in every casino, just because. I mean, when you see it on television, how cool is it to be able to say "I've gambled there"? Instead of just the basic "I've been there."

  • if you didn't pop for the 3 attractions for $57 at Mandalay Bay, and you didn't already decide against it, check it out at Luxor and see if there are attractions you'll be checking out anyway. Might as well get that discount.

  • Another cool discount option available at Luxor and Excalibur is 2 shows for $75 which I believe includes: Fantasy - a pretty darn good topless show with great skimpy costuming and some choreography I can appreciate; I'm not sure if this deal includes America's Got Talent Las Vegas or Carrot Top - but it doesn't hurt to ask; and of course the Tournament of Kings which I've only attended in Myrtle Beach so I can't say for sure if it's worth it or not. However, if it's anything like the show in MB, I enjoyed it and so did the kids and young adults that attended with me,


  • Hungry yet? The food court has fast food to keep you in budget. Feel like family style Italian? Buca di Beppo is a great option that won't break the bank.

  • Here's a reminder you can get 2 shows for $75 at Luxor & Excalibur

  • This castle is great to look at from the outside, but in my opinion is destined for renovations inside.

  • Pop that MGM Players Club Card into the slot on the slot machine and spin a few penny slots. If you'd prefer, give your Club Card to an attendant at the table games and get credit for the time you're sitting there playing Blackjack or Poker, or standing there playing Craps or Roulette.

  • If you've got kids with you or are a kid at heart like me, head to the Fun Dungeon and play some arcade-style games. It's like a Dave & Busters, just an MGM version!

  • If your first day happens to be a Thursday or Friday, they have free, fun, live entertainment in the lounge!

New York New York

  • Outside, you'll find a mini Statue of Liberty. Inside you'll find streets that look like 1940s New York City. It's just a cool place to see.

  • Remember the 3 attractions for $57 I mentioned during our stroll through Mandalay Bay, well the Big Apple Roller Coaster is included in that! This is a must-do if you're the adventurous type!

  • NYNY also has an arcade if you're into that.

  • Guess what? Another MGM hotel & casino! So pop that players card in the slot and play away!

  • If you're looking for a good show for later in the evening, I've heard great things about Zumanity.

  • Another touristy thing to do is check out Hershey Chocolate World

  • If it happens to be between 3 & 7pm, head to Happy Hour at The Bar at Times Square for a cocktail

  • Like the atmosphere and wanna check out the Nightlife later? I recommend Dueling Pianos which starts charging a cover at 7pm so be forewarned.

  • If you're hungry check out the Village Eateries Food Court for budget friendly options

Park MGM is the next place you'll peruse by, which is an actual park just chilling on the Strip.

We're going to skip the Waldorf Astoria & Vdara since these hotels don't have casinos and it might be weird just walking up in a random hotel where you don't have a room.


  • This hotel and casino is just gorgeous so walk through to appreciate the atmosphere and check out the City Center Art Collection along the way, free art pieces throughout the facility. You can even download this brochure in advance so you don't miss any amazing art pieces.

  • I know you're not going to believe it, but you're at yet another MGM property so slip that players card in the slot and get your tier points while you're gambling.


  • This gorgeous hotel & casino is a must-see no matter how short your trip might be. Stop outside and admire the hotel itself before watching the Bellagio Fountains which is a gorgeous display of water, music, and lights with beautiful "water ballet" choreography that never ceases to amaze me. Find a list of when the fountains perform here.

  • Head inside and take a peak at the gorgeous hand-blown glass flowers called "Fiori di Como" on the ceiling of the Bellagio check-in area.

  • You're almost there, so turn the corner and check out the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens where a full scene is made of plants and flowers. It is simply amazing. Here are a few photos of what the Gardens have looked like in the past. They change each season so I make sure to go the first day every single time I go.

  • If you're hungry, I've heard great things about Le Cirque and Lago by Julian Serrano which overlooks the Bellagio Fountains. If I'm being honest, the buffet here is pretty darn good as well but it does cost a little more than most hotels.

Caesar's Palace

  • If you happen to walk by the prayer altar, "Shine Brahma", light a candle or just be amazed by the beauty of Caesar's Palace

  • Head inside and go to the front desk. It's time to get yet another Players Card. Caesar's Palace is a Caesar's Hotel & Casino, formerly known as Harrah's. Get your booty to those slots or table games and relax for a few while spinning your wheels (pun intended). Don't forget to put that players card in the slot before you start playing so you get all the points you can!

  • The Fall of Atlantis Animatronic Show is located in the Forum Shops and it's one of a few free shows I always skip. It's not that impressive and it's super short but if you're all about getting your freebies in, head that way.

  • Shop in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace or just walk through enjoying the ambience.

  • If you get hungry there is a cheap food court, which I wouldn't have expected from the likes of the expensive (as it should be) Caesar's Palace. Other food options I would recommend are Earl of Sandwich or Smashburger.


  • By now it's getting dark so make sure you grab a seat near the tallest point of the free Volcano at the Mirage. This is a freebie you don't want to miss.

  • Remember earlier I said you could get 3 attractions for $57? The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat are included in that. So if you popped for the discount, I recommend dropping by here and meandering through the gorgeous gardens and aquarium.

  • Food: If you want a cheap breakfast one morning, I recommend breakfast at The Pantry inside the Mirage.

  • The Mirage is an MGM Hotel & Casino so drop by the slots or tables, utilize that card, and go for a spin so to speak.

Treasure Island

  • Now, Treasure Island used to be a super nice part of the Strip with an amazing Sirens Show where Sirens called to sailors, completely sunk their ship and fought it out. That show was free and it was amazing. The last time I went I did NOT like it there. There were homeless people everywhere and it just felt unsafe and darker than it used to be. I don't know if some of the outdoor lights were out or what but it felt like the perfect place for a pick pocket so keep that in mind.

  • TI is it's own entity so you'll need to go get yourself a TI Players Club card. Then you can hand it to the dealer or pop it in the slot and relax inside as you gamble away. Inside still feels safe and cool, so hopefully I visited on an off-night?

  • Consider checking out a Dinner Show at Kahunaville for $59.99. which is a great price for dinner in general in Vegas, so dinner and a show is a huge plus.

  • Or you can see Mystere Dinner and a Show for $79

  • Not feeling these shows? Head to Pizzeria Francesco for super cheap pizza

  • If you're a drinker, think about dropping by Senor Frogs for a yard drink.

  • Another highlight at Treasure Island is the morning Drag Show Brunch that takes place in Senor Frogs, It's a little expensive but there is usually a Groupon for it if you're looking.

Fashion Show Mall:

  • Right across the pedestrian side walk that is raised above the road, you will find the Fashion Show Mall. Head inside for a short shopping trip.

  • Hungry? Maggiano's Little Italy on the 2nd floor is absolutely delicious. Rather be cheap? Head to the top floor where you'll find the inexpensive food court.

Circus Circus:

  • Get your booty in a cab, Uber, or Lyft and let it drive you to Circus Circus as it is a little too far to be walking, even though I've done it, but I wouldn't do it at night.

  • Not gonna lie, I don't even know if Circus Circus has a players card, I mean I'm sure they do but I couldn't find evidence of it on their website. This is a once you've been, you've been sort of place. So I haven't been in a loooooong time. If you are able to get a Players Card, play some penny slots and enjoy.

  • Circus Acts start at 11am so they'll have contortionists, trapeze artists, maybe magic, and some juggling or other acts. It's actually pretty cool, it's just too far away from the strip to visit every trip.

  • Hungry? Check out the cheap Westside Deli & Pizzeria or the Buffet for only $17.99

  • Kid at heart? Or traveling with kids? Check out the Adventuredome where they have awesome rides including a drop zone ride, roller coasters, and more. They also have an arcade!


  • Time for another cab, Uber, or Lyft because the Stratosphere is out there.

  • Sign up for their Tru Rewards if you're going to be gambling more than a few minutes.

  • Tower Pizzeria is a good place to stop if you're hungry.

  • If you're into thrill rides, they have some CRAZY rides at the top of the Strat.

  • Check out the Level 107 Lounge if you're ready for some cocktails. From 6-10pm they have $19.99 bottomless drinks!


Time to head back to your hotel and get your evening wear on. Take in a show and maybe gamble a few more rounds of blackjack before retiring to your room. Vegas has endless shows to choose from so I'm leery of recommending any since it's really more of what you're interested in. Get tickets at a discount the day of at Tix4Vegas booths peppered throughout the Strip. Or if you're planning well in advance, get your tickets from or

Day 2: East of the Strip Day! Working your way from South to North!


  • Head over to the concierge and get yourself a Real Time Rewards card. Pop it in the slot and spin some reels.

  • Look up and check out the 4,000 sf domed stained glass ceiling

MGM Grand:

  • The MGM Grand has retired their real lions so there's not much to do here besides gamble.

  • The good news is MGM is obviously an MGM hotel & casino, so get your M card and stick it in the machine, or hand it to the dealer and get you some tier credits while you gamble away.

  • Take your photo with the huge golden Lions out front since they're a famous Vegas staple.

Planet Hollywood:

  • Welcome to my personal favorite hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Pull out that Caesar's Club Card and use it to play some Craps. Don't worry, if you don't know how to play they'll be happy to teach you... and then you can teach me because I have tried so many times and I just don't get it! LOL

  • Check out the Miracle Mile Shops around PH

  • Stop at the back for an indoor Thunderstorm, a free show with rain, thundering noises, and steam. It's pretty cool. Find the times the show does it's thing here.

  • Planet Hollywood has it's fair share of delicious restaurants. If you're on a budget, check out Pink's Hot Dogs, Café Hollywood, or Earl of Sandwich. If you've got the dough to spend, check out Gordon Ramsay Burger, the Rainforest Café, or Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse. For Pampas, make sure you have a reservation! Also, if you'd like to save some money and still visit a Brazilian Steakhouse, you can get tickets for a cheaper meal from Pampas from the Tix4Vegas booths sprinkled throughout the Strip.

Paris Las Vegas:

  • If you're on a shorter trip, Paris Las Vegas is one of the few hotels you HAVE to go to.

  • Check out the Eiffel Tower and get you a pic. The Eiffel Tower now has a light show that is pretty cool to watch at night.

  • If you want to see better views of the Strip, ride the 46 stories to the top of the Eiffel Tower Observation Deck and take in the view! If you're hungry and want to watch the Bellagio Fountains, check out the Eiffel Tower Restaurant although we recommend having a reservation.

  • Inside, grab that Caesar's Club Card and gamble a bit.

  • Take in the sites and enjoy being inside while still looking like you're strolling the streets of Paris.

  • Hungry but on a budget? Check out JJ's Boulangerie between Paris and Bally's. The café is inexpensive and has the best desserts.

  • Dueling Pianos at Napoleon's Lounge is something I've walked by a gazillion times and never actually stepped into. As the night grows, the people pile in and they always sound like they're having a good time.


  • Attached to Paris Las Vegas, enter one of my favorite places to stay, Bally's, (because it's mid-strip and inexpensive) beside a giant slot machine. I mean, that thing is huge. Half the time someone is already playing it, but if they're not, drop your Caesar's Players Card in the slot and play a dollar. Hang out in the slots for a while and don't forget to rehydrate when the cocktail waitress comes by. And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tip your waitresses!!

  • Bally's is known for it's legendary Sterling Brunch but it's been "temporarily closed" due to Covid for a couple years now, so we have to wonder if it's coming back.

The Cromwell:

  • a tiny hotel and casino, you probably won't want to spend a lot of time in here since the options of slots and tables aren't exactly abundant. However, if it feels more your speed, drop that Caesar's club card and play some games!


  • It's not the perfect trip to Vegas without a stop at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. With not only flamingos, but koi and other birds, stepping outside of the noisy clambering casino into this respite is a must.

  • In case you're hungry, here are some of your food options: food court (budget friendly), Margaritaville (I recommend the nachos! and of course a margarita!), and the Paradise Garden Buffet which has the best "brunch" on the weekend with bottomless mimosas... which is STILL "temporarily closed" for COVID. I mean come on guys, it's time to figure some ish out and re-open already.

  • Some shows I recommend at the Flamingo are RuPaul's Drag Race Live, Piff the Magic Dragon, Wayne Newton, and for those seeking a more "Vegas style" topless show, X Burlesque is absolutely outstanding. The costuming, the choreography, the blocking, X Burlesque is in my top 3 shows of all time; from anywhere in the U.S.

The Linq

  • The Linq Observation Wheel is on everybody's must-do list, but mine. If you want the highest view of the strip, get on it! I just hate Ferris wheels. All the waiting for each pod to load is just the epitome of boredom for me. That being said, the pods are air conditioned so there's that, but they don't have bathrooms so go before you hop in line!

  • The Zipline at The LINQ Promenade is also a treat for thrill seekers!

  • Shows at the Linq include Jeff Civillico & Mat Franco

  • Hash House A Go Go is a cheap restaurant with large enough portions to share.

  • Sprinkles Cupcakes even has an ATM machine for cupcakes!!

  • At the LINQ Promenade check out I Love Sugar if you're in the mood for candy OR a candy martini!

  • The LINQ Promenade offers several places to shop so browse through as you're on your way to Harrah's

  • Club Tattoo is a pop up shop in the LINQ Promenade that offers a large selection of jewelry and is world-famous for it's Interactive Touchscreen Tattoo Experience


  • Head inside this Caesar's owned Casino and use that players card to gamble a bit.

  • Harrah's is famous for it's Big Elvis Show

  • Survey the Carnaval Court where you can find the Fulton Street Food Bar on the cheap. Flavors Buffet is a decent buffet that is not too expensive.

  • Enjoying your time in Harrah's? Come back later for their Piano Bar!


  • Whether you decide to be serenaded while taking a romantic gondola ride, or just walk the shops along the lagoon, you will feel Venice all around you.

  • If you're looking for a cheap show, Lipshtick is a female comedy show that's less than $40 per person

  • Hungry? Check out the Food Court for some cheap eats.

  • Inside the casino, join Grazie Rewards before you start gambling!


  • The Palazzo is simply gorgeous elegance. You just must see it.

  • Keep that Grazie Rewards card handy, but good luck finding cheaper slots here.

  • If you love Chairmen of the Board, you will LOVE The Label Lounge which is Chairmen inspired from the decor to the music, to the drinks! "Get Me Just A Little More Time" in this lounge!


  • As usual, it's time to join Wynn Rewards before you head over to the Craps table.

  • A free art show can be found throughout the casino with this brochure but if you forget to take it with you, you can get a free brochure from the concierge.

  • The Lake of Dreams is a free show that's pretty cute if you want to check that out

  • Hungry? Check out the affordable Red 8 or the expensive but amazing Buffet - which is a must-do at some point! You can even have dinner Lakeside!


  • Grab that Wynn Rewards card and spin some reels.

  • The atmosphere is just gorgeous so soak it all in.


  • Jump in a taxi (or Lyft, Uber, or bus) and head to the Sahara. It's a little further down the strip so don't trek it.

  • On a girl's trip? Check out Magic Mike Live!


Head back to your hotel (in an Uber of course) and get ready for the night. Unless you don't care about night-time casino etiquette, in which case nobody will say a word to you even if you do go out in a t-shirt and flip flops which they totally "frown upon". Time to see whichever show you've picked for tonight! I hope it's a great one!

Day 3 - Downtown

El Cortez

  • get your gambling on with some cheaper slots downtown

  • Join Club Cortez if you wanna get credit for your gambling here


  • This isn't a club, but it's a free-standing boneyard, where the Beautiful Bright Neon Signs of Vegas go to die. Check this out at night for an even better experience. Remember, it gets busy at night so shoot for a ticket ahead of time with a predetermined time to keep from waiting in line.

Mob Museum

  • Another free standing building, the Mob Museum is a guided tour showing you the history of organized crime in Vegas and America. This is a must-do.

  • There's a speakeasy in the basement, and general admission grants you access. Remember, you must be 21+ to visit this fine establishment.

The D aka The Delano

  • Skip your hind parts inside and check out the World's Largest Keno Board

  • The D is an MGM hotel & casino so bring out that M players club card and jump back into that cheaper gambling atmosphere

  • Hungry? Adiamo Italian Steakhouse is always a good option, or you can get breakfast all day or burgers at the D Grill which you can find on the second floor.

Four Queens

  • If you're going to be here a while, join the Royal Players Club before you head to that cheap Craps or Roulette table.

  • Get Free Slot Pulls at designated machines

  • Check out Chicago Brewing Company if you're overdue for a craft beer

Golden Nugget

  • If you'll be here a while, join the 24K Club before you sit down at the slots

  • There are sharks in the pool. Yes you read that correctly. The shark tank is beside and around the pool, and you can slide down a slide that is surrounded by sharks, into the pool. How cool is that? Just take in the views or pay a fee to actually hang out poolside.

  • Charthouse is a seafood joint with a huge aquarium if you've got a hankering for some fish. Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse is also a good choice.

  • If it's between 4-7pm, hit up Cadillac Mexican Kitchen for some $5 margaritas!

Golden Gate

  • check out the historical artifacts near registration

  • Sign up for the Club One Players Club before you start spinning the reels on some cheaper slots


  • take in the Murals outside before heading inside

  • Join Plaza Rewards if you plan to stay and play


  • another Club One Players Club place, pop that card in the slot before you start gambling!


  • Boyd Rewards is the players club of choice at this hotel & casino

  • rub Buddha's Belly before heading into the casino

  • Hungry? Check out the California Noodle House or Redwood Steakhouse

  • Have a sweet tooth? Go for a tour at the Ethel M Chocolates Factory

Main Street Station

  • another Boyd Rewards casino, slip the card in the slot before spinning reels

  • stop by the registration desk for a brochure listing all the antiques around the hotel

  • Garden Court Buffet is said to be amazing AND less than $20! It's on several "best buffets" lists

  • Not up for a buffet? Check out Triple 7 Restaurant & Microbrewery

Fremont Street Experience

  • It's not a hotel or casino, its a giant 0.8 mile screen that covers the pedestrian streets of Freemont St. Check out the FREE show every hour at the top of the hour starting at 6pm and going until 2pm.


  • Get your Free Slot Pulls here!

  • Then get your photo with a Million Dollars!

  • The players club of choice here is Club Binions

  • Whiskey Licker Up Saloon is on the 2nd story and has a revolving bar

Fremont Hotel & Casino

  • known for craps, this is another Boyd Rewards club so give your card to the attendant before you jump in to get credit for your time

Downtown Container Park

  • The Dome has a 40-foot tall Preying Mantis that shoots fire

  • Hungry? Check out the Downtown Terrace Kitchen & Bar

  • Bin 702 has an awesome Happy Hour from 3-6pm

Banger Brewing Tour

  • near the Zipline if you're into craft brews

Fremont East District

  • Hungry? You're in the right place! Check out Carson Kitchen, La Comida, Therapy, Park on Fremont, The Smashed Pig Gastropub, and the infamous Evel Pie - an Evel Knieval themed pizza place.

  • Wanna watch some of the nightlife? Check out Commonwealth, a 2 story bar with a rooftop dance floor


Jump on the Deuce or grab a cab and head out to your hotel to get ready for whatever amazing show Vegas has in store for you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to see a show each night as you'll be sad if you do!

Day 4 - Do What You Missed Or Loved!


  • Hop in a cab and head away from the strip to the Cosmopolitan

  • Breakfast at Egg Slut is hip and cheap

  • Wall Works Project is free to see garage art

  • Identity Membership and Rewards is the players club card here

  • Check out the entertainment at Rose.Rabbit.Lie or people-watch at the gorgeous Instagram photo spot Chandelier Bar


  • grab another cab and head to Rio

  • This is another Caesar's property so get out your club card before you start spinning at the slots

  • Free Music can be found in Masquerade Village - there used to be a show in the sky but it closed with COVID and hasn't reopened.

  • Hungry? Check out Hash Hash A Go Go. I would normally recommend the Village Seafood Buffet over the Carnival World Buffet but they also both "temporarily" closed for COVID

Depending on what time your flight is, this might be all you have time for. If you've got more time, do something you missed, or head back to the strip and peruse a mall you skipped or just enjoy the Bellagio Fountains and people watch. Still have gambling money? I recommend picking a Caesar's or MGM hotel & casino to get the most tier points.

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, hacks, and just exciting things to do in Vegas!

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